Books at my Bedside (Oct ’18)

Nov 5, 2018 | Reading List

Books at my Bedside in October

Julia Franckh

I love to read, the kind of love that makes me unable to pass a bookstore without browsing through today’s bestsellers, as well as some of the dustier editions hidden in the back. I try to read at least 30 minutes a day, usually in bed as a way to wind down and fall asleep with new impulses. At the end of every month, I publish a blog article of the books you could find on my nightside table and a few thoughts on them. This is the October edition.

Most Important Thing:

Uncommon Sense for Thoughtful Investors

(Columbia Business School Publishing)

By Howard Marks

The Most Important Thing

I’ve been really getting into personal finance and investing in the past couple of months, realising the power of compound interest and kicking myself for not getting invested in the markets earlier!

A helpful and digestible read that explores a few different investment topics such as how to think about “risk,” reasonable expectations when investing and how to look at market cycles to see whether it’s the right time to buy or sell.

The gender gap between men and women’s investible assets is truly shocking. This book helped me understand more about markets and best investment practices, and with the help of amazing Vestpod workshops, I have now started investing myself.

And Breathe:

The Complete Guide to Conscious Breathing-the Key to Health, wellbeing, and happiness (English Edition)

By Rebecca Dennis

And Breathe

I got this book after attending a workshop lead by Stuart Sandeman. Afterwards, I become intrigued by a practice called Transformational Breath® and its benefits for physical performance and mental well-being.

This book was not only a great introduction to the technique but also spoke more broadly to the benefits of utilizing the full capacity of our breath. Most of us (myself included) breathe with shallow patterns which can unknowingly engage our “flight or fight” nervous system. Learning to breathe fully can allow your body to relax and create more mental space, clarity, and focus.

What I particularly liked is that every chapter is equipped with personal case studies from high-performing individuals, explaining how they’ve used breathing techniques to achieve their goals, followed by tangible exercises to try out yourself.

Girl, Wash Your Face:

Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be.

By Rachel Hollis

Girl, wash your face

I’ve been following Rachel Hollis on Instagram for a while now and was excited to dive into her best-seller after a friend recommended it to me.

The book takes us through “20 lies we tell ourselves”. With each chapter focusing on a different lie. These lies range from “I’m not good enough” to “I’ll start tomorrow,” which everyone has told themselves before. Using relatable personal anecdotes Rachel Hollis then explains how she overcame them, giving three concrete tips at the end of each chapter. The book did not disappoint- it was a quick, fun read with both lighthearted passages, as well as more emotional topics.

It’s worth mentioning that it didn’t leave me with any deep breakthroughs and her perspectives aren’t necessarily grounded in concrete evidence but it’s still a go-getter, motivational, kick you into gear type of book (primarily for women).


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